Where Are You Thinking About Retiring? Share Your Dreams!


March 8, 2020 — Back in 2012 we ran an article that asked people to share their plans, thoughts, and dreams on where they might retire. It was phenomenally successful, generating over 700 comments (see link to that article and comments at bottom). We then summarized those comments by State and Region, and that was very interesting too, generating 200 comments.

Now it is time to see how things might have changed, as well as get input from our newer members. The assignment is to tell your fellow members “Where are you thinking about retiring, and why others should consider it”. The project depends on getting as many people as possible to contribute, which will give us valuable survey data that everyone will appreciate. For our part, we promise to analyze and categorize the responses in a future article. Think of the assignment as a small way to pay us back for providing you with this free site. As promised, here is a summary of the 90 suggestions you made.

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