/u/DeezyTheGreat, on May 18, 2021 at 10:37 pm ,

Hi all! I hope this is posted in the correct sub. I’m currently enrolled in a MBA and I’m looking for some advice on an assignment in my microeconomics module. Essentially I’ve been asked to give my analysis and hypothesis of an excel spreadsheet that contains customer deposits for a brokerage firm. This spreadsheet contains two columns (sum and net deposits) that I am to base my calculations on. I’m attempting to calculate assets under management (image 1). The professor has provided the formula for this however I’m unsure how to calculate market movements. I know the definition for market movements varies between subject and company so I’m unsure of how to approach this. Can anyone tell me how to calculate market movements based off the columns in image 2? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏 https://imgur.com/a/99WYEJU submitted by /u/DeezyTheGreat [link] [comments], , Read More, r/StockMarket – Reddit’s Front Page of the Stock Market, r/StockMarket

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