One more time: Why can’t Democrats count on Hispanics, etc., to vote the way they should?

It’s one of the questions that I have heard the most from readers during
the 17 years that GetReligion has been open for business: Why do you write
so many posts — over and over — about the same errors and blind spots in
mainstream news coverage of religion?”

Come to think of it, I have heard that question more than a few times from
GetReligion writers.

Well, there are several reasons for this. We tend to write posts over and
over when:

(1) The subject of these stories is really important in national or
international news.

(2) The error, or the religion-news “ghost” we see, is really obvious and

(3) These errors are being made by journalists who are not religion-beat
pros (think political-desk folks covering stories linked to religion). This
points to the need for newsroom managers to hire more religion-news pros or
to allow a religion-beat specialist to assist in reporting on topics of
this kind.

So here we go again. The double-decker headline in The New York Times

Liberals Envisioned a Multiracial Coalition. Voters of Color Had Other

Democrats may need to rethink their strategy as the class complexities
and competing desires of Latino and Asian-American demographic groups
become clear.

If you have followed GetReligion for the past four years, you know that we
have noted — many times — the rising importance of Hispanic evangelicals,
including what appeared to be a strategic role in the 2016 election in
Florida. There’s more to this story than Cubans in Miami. Reporters need to
visit megachurches in and around Orlando.

Also, if you have ever lived in Texas, you know that the political lives of
third- and fourth-generation Hispanics is rather different than those of
more recent arrivals. And, again, look for church ties.

Anyway, this latest Times story does deserve some praise for an accurate,
and rare, use of “liberal” in a headline. Now the editors need to ponder
this truth: Political labels are not enough. Here is an early summary of
the facts in this totally faith-free feature, which focus on the failure of
a pro-affirmative action push in California:Read MoreGetReligionRead MoreWorship, Terry Mattingly, Surveys & polls, Religious Liberty, Race, Politics, Pentecostal-Charismatics, Marriage & Family, LGBTQ, Kellerism, Hispanics, Evangelicals, Catholicism, Abortion

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