INFLATION , QE AND HEDGE AND BIG AWARDS ARE WAITING 50 % BOTTOM, /u/Kimaxw, on May 20, 2021 at 6:20 pm ,

Let me start with I am one of the bottom 50 % of the population , but this time ,this bottom 50 % wil see your game plan and will get the rewards . Lets start with fundamentals : 1- Our last days favorite subject : Somebodies call it beast , somebody says transitory , but I call it my best friend at least for nowadays “INFLATION ” The headline CPI year-over-year increase at 4.2% was the highest since 2008. Energy prices rose 25% and gas prices 50%. Rising energy prices filter through to almost everything. Used car and truck prices were up 21%. Rents rose 2.1%. If you substitute home prices for rents, that number more than doubled. ​ In fact this is a reality that all of us encountering nowadays , but until now Fed always insist to use TRANSITORY . In fact all we know this reality Because ınflation is something that you do not see . Inflation is something that you feel . I am sure all of us less or more were feeling in last days . O HEADLINE FOR PEOPLE METAL OWNERS : FED ADMITTED THAT INFLATION MAY NOT BE TRANSITORY Please don’t blame especially people who hedge themselves because they are waiting 10 years this moment to come and what a wonderful to hear from : Fed :”A number of participants remarked that supply chain bottlenecks and input shortages may not be resolved quickly and, if so, these factors could put upward pressure on prices beyond this year.” What was the real story of yesterday ? Why Fed admits and yields try to spike ; Reverse repo usage just surpassed Covid crash highs. We are effectively out of repo market collateral, Fed is cornered, and there is no place to park $1TN more in reserves. The market understood this harsh reality : Fed can’t do 18 more months of QE; ​ ​ So now I can say why I am one of the 50 % bottom that used above : Because this time I saw their game and will not loose again and here also try to share those datas to say to you open your eyes this the real game that Fed and Big 1 % are playing but all those 1 % know well the realities and they hedge themselves against Inflation and to the trillions of Usd free floating money . And the expected question when ınflation increase Fed increase the rates ? So the game is over now 50 % hope understood the Fed and 1 % game to convince people for possible rate spikes but as said before this time 50 % saw theri game : Yes, inflation expectations likely fell while nominal yields popped on hints of a #QE tape in the future. This is all just talk: inflation is rampant and the #Fed can’t raise rates or reduce #QE significantly or for any length of time unless they want to collapse everything. So position against all those ? where are the money ? 1- Metals : Gold , Silver , Platinium , Iron , Cobalt whatever shinny ( always keep in mind nowadays trend is green energy and choose more metals used all in those new energy ) 2- Miners ( Mostly new green energy raw materials producers ) 3- Inflation bonds 4- Oil futures but attention for possible Usa Iran deal and big oil amount can release to the market in a near future . Iran now is fully ready just wait usa green light to pump the oil . 5- Developing worlds bonds ( Turkey is my favorite nowadays their interest rate is 19 % which is amazing high and alrerady the currency collapsed 25 % so everything ready for flying ) Keep away from China because of possible unexpected policies . submitted by /u/Kimaxw [link] [comments], , Read More, r/StockMarket – Reddit’s Front Page of the Stock Market, r/StockMarket

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