How Much Do Smartphones Cost w/ a Carrier

This is strictly for the hardware cost of the smartphone itself. The cell and data plans would be a whole other post.

So how much does a Smartphone cost when it comes with a cell/mobile phone plan from a major carrier?

There are a few factors that are involved in this answer.

  1. Smartphone overall cost
  2. Smartphone insurance the carrier requires
  3. Interest the carrier charges
  4. Length of the service plan

Smartphone prices vary widely due to included features, brand names, ruggedness, and whether the smartphone is new or used.

Smartphone costs can range between $100 to $1000 US and to be honest well beyond. When signing up for a new smartphone plan, ask what phones are available, and how much each will cost per month. This will help the user find one that might fit in their budget.

Many carries will require you to carry some type of phone insurance if you are participating in a monthly plan. The carrier may or may not allow you to use 3rd party insurers. If the user is allowed to use a 3rd party insurer make sure the insurance plan covers exactly what the carrier requires. If not everything is covered, the user might be on the hook for other costs.

Interest on a loan can add up to a lot of money. Some carriers charge interest and others do not charge interest. Before you get locked in to a longer term plan ask about interest on the loan.

One of the biggest factors that will affect the monthly cost a user will pay for a smartphone is the length of the contract and is the user required to pay off the phone prior to the end of the contract.

Example 1: Phone cost only
Phone Cost – $650.00
Contract Length: 2 years (payoff required)
Phone Cost: $27.00 monthly
*Cost do not include insurance or interest

Example 2: Phone cost only
Phone Cost – $650.00
Contract Length: 3 years (payoff required)
Phone Cost: $18.00 monthly
*Cost do not include insurance or interest

Another option is to buy a new or used phone and add it to the plan. Again, verify with the carrier that this is an option they allow. By bringing your own Smartphone you won’t have a monthly hardware cost. All you would be paying for is the cell and data services along with state and federal taxes.
Always ask the carrier to explain all costs that will be on the bill so you are really prepared for the final cost of a cell phone bill.

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