Even in 2020, Bobby Ross, Jr., has a reason to give thanks (plus week’s top religion reads)

For decades, my mother, Judy Ross, has made the best Thanksgiving feast on
the planet.

I’m talking about a mammoth spread of turkey, chicken and dressing, ham,
mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce and steaming hot
rolls — plus carrot cake, chocolate pie and other homemade desserts that
fill an entire table.

Amazingly, this big meal comes only a few hours after a “light” holiday
breakfast that always includes fried and scrambled eggs, biscuits and
gravy, sausage, bacon and pancakes with chocolate syrup.

What am I thankful for? Well, for one thing, that I’ve never suffered a
heart attack after all that I eat on this particular day. But seriously,
I’m grateful for Mom — a kind, loving Christian woman who has spent her
entire life serving other people.

Even before a recent mishap, Thanksgiving was shaping up to be a different
experience for the extended Ross family in this crazy year. With concerns
about big indoor gatherings contributing to the spread of COVID-19,
crowding all the brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandbabies and
great-grandbabies into Mom and Dad’s home seemed unwise.

But then my iPhone buzzed on a recent Monday morning, and my sister Christy
Fichter’s face flashed on the screen. Read the full story.

Power Up: The Week’s Best Reads

1. Madison Cawthorn arrives in Washington: This is a fascinating interview
with a controversial 25-year-old Republican congressman-elect from western
North Carolina.

The piece by the Jewish Insider’s Matthew Kassel contains a whole lot of
juicy religious details, such as Cawthorn — a nondenominational Christian
who comes from a family of “true frickin’ believers” — talking about his
desire to convert Muslims and Jews.

Read more on that angle from GetReligion’s Terry Mattingly.

2. The evangelical reckoning begins: As the Election 2020 post-op
continues, The Atlantic’s Emma Green ponders with megachurch pastor Andy
Stanley how to pursue faith over politics.Read MoreGetReligionRead MoreBobby Ross Jr., Church & State, Evangelicals, Godbeat, Holidays, Monday Mix, Pentecostal-Charismatics, Politics

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