5 Things All Healthy Couples Do, , on May 27, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Every few months I trotted my daughter to the doctor for a well-baby checkup. As a nervous new mother, I appreciated having a healthcare professional evaluate my baby’s health.She listened to my concerns; peered into my baby’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat; and listened to her heart. After she measured her height and weight, she asked me questions about her eating and sleeping habits. Then she made helpful suggestions. Regular physical checkups are important if we value a healthy body, and regular relationship checkups are important if we value a healthy marriage.If you’d like to evaluate the health of your marriage (without having to step on a scale or say “ahhh”), consider these 5 signs of a healthy marriage.Photo credit: ©Getty Images/PeopleImages, , Read More, Marriage

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